Fall AGU21 – Best Practices for assessing the value of earth/ocean observations for society

The GEOValue community of practice is inviting you to join their members at the fall AGU meeting as part of virtual session SY008:

Session ID: 122488   
Session Title: SY008. Best Practices for assessing the value of Earth/Ocean observations for society.  
Section: Science and Society  
Virtual Only Session (selected by primary convener during session submission): Yes  
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In previous AGU meetings, key steps were identified for valuing Earth sciences impact on society. These  included an information base supporting the consolidation of dispersed bodies of literature; improvement of the state of the science of valuing information; case studies which are exemplars that can be cited for further development and analyses; and outreach activities to develop and share understanding of value and methods assessment.

Challenges to society have been enunciated through international agreement on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the climate COP meetings, the Convention on Biodiversity and others. These challenges include climate, natural hazards including coasts and wildfires, water, energy and minerals, ecosystem and environment, food productivity, etc.

Broadly applicable assessment methods using either monetary and non-monetary considerations which address the above challenges are of interest. Abstracts that showcase such methodologies and impacts are invited for submittal by August 4th, 2021.