GEOValue: an international community with focus on the value and socioeconomic impacts of geospatial information for decision making

Vision: A multi-disciplinary international community pursuing trustable, evidence-based methodologies in the assessment of the use value of Earth Observations.

Mission: Facilitate the development of a capacity inc duding technically-valid methods and resources to enable widely-accepted and broadly adopted assessment of Earth observations impacts.

Framework: The GEOValue Framework is an assembly of accessible case studies, community-accepted methodologies, peer-reviewed publications and a structured repository to guide practitioners in the assessment of Earth Observation impacts.

Geospatial information contributes to decisions by societal decision-makers, business leaders and individuals. More effective use of information is essential as issues become increasingly complex and consequences are critical for future economic and social development.

To achieve this vision, our “community” includes a wide range of natural science, social, economic, management, and communication disciplines.

Our activities address:

  • Fostering collaboration across specialties and building communication and trust across social, economic and natural sciences.
  • Developing a framework to help structure analyses; provide options of appropriate methods to asses program value.
  • Compiling a structured inventory and repository of use cases and analysis methodologies.
  • Organizing international events, conference sessions and presentations, and webinars to address methodologies, use cases, and applications
  • Publishing peer-reviewed open literature  articles, workshop proceedings, and other GEOValue material

GEOValue would like to acknowledge the partners that have guided and supported us in shaping GEOValue as an international effort: CSA, EARSC, ESA, NASA, NOAA, FourBridges and USGS.