2019 Nov – GEO XVI Plenary Side-Events, GEO plenary, Canberra, Australia – “Advancing the Understanding of the Value of Earth Observations”

GEOvalue – understanding the value and  impacts  of Earth Observation

  • A library of Earth observation valuation studies is needed to inform decisions and policies
  • A framework for collection and easy access to  analyses is needed to build trust and transparency, moving from data to decisions – from Earth observation to end users – reflecting the full value chain
  • A process is needed to identify best practices and to encourage their use for supporting GEO projects


  • Case Study documents
  • Library of case studies
  • Exemplars and training tools
  • Ontologies for valuation and impact assessment
  • Community engagement

Framework Definition – Case Studies

  • Definition – title, abstract, authors
  • Identify end users
  • Disciplines engaged/application areas
  • Define the complete value chain and what segment is being addressed in the case study
  • Valuation methods
  • Outcomes (and recommendations)