GeoValue Side event October 23-24, 2017

Agenda: Agenda – Value of EO GeoPlenary Side Event

Methodologies: Session 1

Moderator: Steven Ramage, GEO Secretariat

  1. Andreas Veispak “Demonstrating the value and benefits of the Copernicus Programme
  2. Alan Smart “Methodologies for evaluation” smart-presentation
  3. Stephane Hallegatte  “Simple assessments of the benefits from early warning systems and stronger hydro-meteorological systems” Hallegatte – presentation
  4. Andy Coote “Value Chain and Cost-Benefit Analysis applied to 3D Geo-information” coote -presentation

Methodologies: Session 2

Moderator: Steven Ramage, GEO Secretariat

  1. Pat Cummens “ESRI Perspective”  pat-cummens-presentation
  2. Rudy Schuster “Communicating the value of Landsat imagery using case study narratives” schuster-presentation
  3. Aanchal Anand   “The Economic Value of Geospatial Information: An Albania Case Study”
  4. Rich Bernknopf “A decision framework for quantifying the economic value of information of Earth Observation: Case of the NASA Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) enhanced Drought Severity Index”  Bernknopf-presentation
  5. Geoff Sawyer “A bottom-up approach to assessing the value of satellite EO data” sawyer-presentation

Introduction to Value Chains and Processes Panel: Session 3

Moderator: Emily Pindilli, USGS

  1. Tim Stryker, USGS
  2. Jeff Adkins, NOAA adkins – presentation
  3. Jamie Kruse, East Carolina University
  4. Yusuke Kuwayama, Resources for the Future Kuwayama presentation

Value Chains Forum: Session 4

Moderator: Jay Pearlman, FourBridges

Open Discussion on Value Chains, Data/Information Requirements, and Instructions for Developing Value Chains and Identifying Data Requirements in Topic Areas

Pearlman- Jay- presentation