Assessing the Socioeconomic Impacts and Value of “Open” Geospatial Information, October 28-29, 2014 — Workshop Presentations


Opening:  Open Geospatial Information: Empowering Decisions and the Economy, Suzette Kimball
Day 1 Keynote — Future Evolution of Geospatial Information Sector:  Walter Scott
Session 1 / Panel 1:  Impact of increased access to data and new modes of consumption

Position Paper:  John Houghton
Panel Discussants:  Pierre Glynn     |    Chris Goranson     |     Sally Wyatt

Panel 2:  Increased supply of geospatial information and expanded participatory processes in the production of data (such as crowd sourcing)

Position Paper:  Lea Shanley     |     Max Craglia
Panel Discussants:  Robin McLaren

Day 2 Keynote — Societal Impact of Information Abundance:   Myron Gutmann
Panel 3:  Emerging approaches for Economic impact assessments

Position Paper: Richard Bernknopf   |    Carl Shapiro
Panel Discussants:  David Arthurs    |    Larry Sugarbaker

Panel 4:  Emerging Issues for Societal Impact Sssessments

Position Paper:  Brigitte Wessels    |    Max Craglia
Panel Discussants:    Craig Broadbent |   John King